Can a VPN be bad for your security

Virtual private networks are a great tool in the cyber security tool box, but they can also be bad for you. 

Published 3/1/2021
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Why do we need secure data moving over the internet

When data normally moves access the internet we tend to think of it as going from point A (us) to point B ( the server website or service ) 

Data normally moving across the internet

We all know that when visiting a website you want HTTPs instead of HTTP and that the S means it's secure which intern tells us that any data that moves between you and the server is encrypted.

Which is Fantastic…

Why though?

The thing to remember is that between you and the server's that run the website your looking at can be anything, including other server's and other people.

Were protecting ourselves from Man in The Middlke

If that data isn't encrypted then those people can see everything 


This is why HTTPS is such an important thing, It stops our man in the middle from seeing that data - all he sees is what looks like random information.

Of course, that's not the whole story, there are many other forms of attack and privacy concerns about who can see where what your doing.


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