Translating Technology

Simplifying and Demystifying Technology to Create Clarity

Wi-Fi and Networking

At ENIAC we provide Wifi and Networking solutions.

We live in a connected world, having fast, secure and rock solid Wi-Fi and computer network is of vital importance. 

Online Security

In the internet you need to defend your information, details, credentials and everything you hold electronically, but how...?

We can show you what you need to do, where your weak points are and help you fortify your position.

The new Unifi - Dream Machine

11 Nov 2019

We've just had the recent release of this interesting device, which seems to have divided opinion, so lets take a look at what is being said, and what it may mean.

Have you checked your live website recently?

08 Nov 2019

If you’re like me you access your website by clicking the shortcut links, but what if you googled it and accessed it that way?

That’s exactly what a friend of mine did, and he was totally shocked to see a completely different website selling items that I hope are not real.

We were at a Trade show!!

08 Nov 2019

Yesterday we were at the at the Find Us On Web Trade show held in the Isle of Man, and we had an amazing time. Showing a small selection of the various products that we deploy as part of our services in managed WiFi and networking.