Next Level WIFI and Networking

The internet has become the backbone to life in today's world, without it running a business or just living life is just unthinkable.

That's why investing in the right technology is key in helping you thrive by reducing costs, increase efficiency and increasing profits.

I'm here to help you by providing those technology solutions and giving you the support to navigate this increasingly complex world

Networking and Wi-Fi

Networking and Wi-Fi

At ENIAC we provide Wifi and Networking solutions for home and business.

We live in a connected world, having fast, secure and rock solid Wi-Fi and computer network is of vital importance. Slow or inconsistent speeds can be frustrating at home when the whole family are looking to share the signal. In an office situation problems with Wifi can result in reduced productivity and staff tension. It really doesn't need to be like this, get in touch. Let us provide you with a solution.

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Cyber Security

Have you ever wondered how secure your online systems really are? Keeping your own and your clients data safe is a huge responsibility with data breaches being a massive risk to the reputation of any business or organisation. 

We specialise in keeping your systems and data safe, protecting your information from being stolen and from the risk of attack. Any business can make a start today by commissioning a simple Cyber Security Audit. 

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Network Security and Cyber Security