Home or Business - Large or Small, The need for high performance, secure WiFi and physical networks are the same. 

Our mission is to help you with technology so you can get on with your life.

Are you a glass is half full or a glass half empty... One or the other right?

We say there is a third options and that is to replace the glass.... 

That's why we're here and that's to solve your IT problems, we think out the box and provide the solutions you need and not sell you solutions you don't.

So if your after IT consultation, Managed IT Services or advice were here to help. Once you have an internet connection we can manage everything from there for you, giving you the computer network you need to succeed in your business.

We specialize in:

  • Managed WiFi and Computer Network Solutions
  • IT Consulting and Advisory
  • Cyber Security and Helping you with Cyber Essentials
  • On Premise Data Storage and virtual hosting solutions
  • Custom PC and Server Builds

There are no stupid questions, no small jobs so why not get in touch and ask for a chat?

The latest articles ....

The new Unifi - Dream Machine

11 Nov 2019

We've just had the recent release of this interesting device, which seems to have divided opinion, so lets take a look at what is being said, and what it may mean.

Have you checked your live website recently?

08 Nov 2019

If you’re like me you access your website by clicking the shortcut links, but what if you googled it and accessed it that way?

That’s exactly what a friend of mine did, and he was totally shocked to see a completely different website selling items that I hope are not real.

We were at a Trade show!!

08 Nov 2019

Yesterday we were at the at the Find Us On Web Trade show held in the Isle of Man, and we had an amazing time. Showing a small selection of the various products that we deploy as part of our services in managed WiFi and networking.

Ubiquiti Networks
Isle Of Man Chamber of Commerce Member

Open Source based Solutions

Open source software does provide a meaningful alternative to mainstream commercial software, When developers look at the code good things happen. we only work with products we trust and are backed by organisations that provide support and service options.

I was worried there not mainstream the advice i was given was google the jobs, pfSense used by major corporation, XCP is used by the big datacenters 



pfSense Is an open source firewall solution... It works great.

Don't let the open source fool you, that allows developers from all over to look at the code, making a much cleaner more secure and robust code base than any commercial product can provide.

p.s. It's also sold in a commercial product with support from the organisation that backs the product.


Freedom NAS - Does Network attached storage on your hardware.. And many other features.

XCP-ng ( XenServer )

Think VMware - virtualization, Built from XenServer, which is the base Hypervisor in VMware..