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Finding IT Solutions For You

Finding Home and office networking WiFi  solutions for entrepreneurs and SMEs - If your after IT consultation, Managed IT Services or advice were here to help so your in the right place. Once you have an internet connection we can manage everything from there for you, giving you the computer network you need to succeed in your business.

What do you want to achieve, what are your problems, what can we do for you?


Wifi Issues

 How much does it impact you when your WiFi Isn't working correctly.

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To much Data

We all create and store data, and for many people the cloud is the way forward.

But what if you want to store data locally ...

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Your network is the backbone of your business but.... are you the only one using it?

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Are you looking for ways to reduce your costs?

Leasing equipment

Licensing costs

Subscription costs

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Guest Network

A guest network allows people who visit your premises or home to use your network without having access to everything else on your network. They are so useful... 

However, Done wrong a guest network allows other people to access other users or your computers and devices. 

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Managed IT Services

Some people just want it plugged in and working that's fine. But we also offer a series of managed services tailored to what you need.

  • Simply keep an eye on your network, update device firmware and be able to access calls.
  • Reports and monitoring, usage statistics.
  • Guest portal management.
  • Service Retainer - An affordable monthly fee that eliminates the sting of call out and time charges


Reduce Costs

Money is always tight, and hardware is not cheap, but if IT is one of your big expenditures that you would like to reduce, it may be possible... how can we do it? It's not by cutting corners and it's not for everyone, and can cost more initially but but ....

  • Takeaway Ideal and leave essential
  • Eliminate Equipment Leasing
  • Eliminate subscriptions and licensing
  • Cost effective alternatives 
  • Custom builds

Over time it pays back and becomes cash in the bank.

Security Cameras

Did you know that you can integrate security cameras into your network solution?


Did you know you can have Lights controlled by your network?


Mesh Solutions

Mesh WiFi is an affordable technology that allows wireless access points to talk together passing your data around.

Mesh is a great solution if cabling isn't an option.

Cyber Isle 2019CyberIsle 2019

On the Isle of Man? Have you heard about CYBERISLE 2019?  

Hosted by the Office of Cyber Security & Information Assurance (OCSIA), CYBERISLE features world-class speakers, solutions and opportunities for interaction between the public and private sectors.

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Choosing a supplier....

Just like when you hear "Hover" you think of a vacuum cleaner. The word CISCO has become synonymous with Networking and taken on that definition. But i don't offer CISCO and I've been trying to decide if i should or not.

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What is Business Connex?

Do you want to find out more about Business Connex or the Chamber of commerce, this will get you started. 

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Open Source based Solutions

Open source software does provide a meaningful alternative to mainstream commercial software, When developers look at the code good things happen. we only work with products we trust and are backed by organisations that provide support and service options.

I was worried there not mainstream the advice i was given was google the jobs, pfSense used by major corporation, XCP is used by the big datacenters 


pfSense Is an open source firewall solution... It works great.

Don't let the open source fool you, that allows developers from all over to look at the code, making a much cleaner more secure and robust code base than any commercial product can provide.

p.s. It's also sold in a commercial product with support from the organisation that backs the product.


Freedom NAS - Does Network attached storage on your hardware.. And many other features.

XCP-ng ( XenServer )

Think VMware - virtualization, Built from XenServer, which is the base Hypervisor in VMware..