Cyber Security

Be proactive with your online security, reduce the risk to your business and your clients 

Online Security is your businesses biggest risk and the landscape is always changing. 

ENIAC offers online security solutions and support to ensure your business is as secure as possible

Is your Business secure?

  • Have you conducted a security audit recently?
  • Are you worried that your security isn't as robust as it should be?
  • Are you sure your data is secure, are you worried how a data breach would affect your reputation?
  • Have you considered making sure your systems and data are protected against ransomware?
  • Did you know that risks are not limited to your computer systems, access can be gained through a range of devices; a camera in your CCTV system or a printer can be enough to gain access to your systems or converted to be part of a BotNet and used to attack other people
  • Unfortunately 100% security does not exist, as the technological world becomes more complex it's become a race between keeping networks secure and those finding vulnerabilities in those networks. But you can significantly reduce the risk for your business and your clients by taking action and being proactive with managing your online security

ENIAC can help you with your online security

  • Let's find out where you are now - We conduct an initial audit
  • We provide a clear overview of current issues and make suggestions how to solve them
  • We install equipment and software to reduce the risks to your business as much as possible
  • We provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your security current

The benefits to good Cyber Security

Apart from protecting your information or your business there are some additional benefits to good cyber security practice.

  • Good practice shows responsibility, clients will trust you more and be more engaged with your business
  • Your business can achieve additional quality and security certifications; Cyber Essentials or Cyber Security Certifications. Proof you are willing to go above and beyond and providing key differentiation for your business
  • Mitigating against the risk of ignoring your online security. Creating a win every time your security precautions protect you or your business