2021 - New Year - New ?

After a year of Lockdowns, data breaches and hacks can we get excited about 2021?

Published 1/4/2021
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Despite the living room ceiling collapsing due to a leaking pipe, I am sure we can - we're starting a new year, and it's time to look forward, make some resolutions, set some goals and get excited for the time ahead.

New Business

I am excited to see where it all goes. why?….

New Clients

While existing clients are super special, Each new client brings interesting stories, unique challenges that benefit everyone.

It all contributes to create the growth to make ENIAC Solutions the company you guys need. 

New Collaborations

2020 had some great collaborations, which in a very tough year is amazing but also was surprising to me as it wasn't something i originally considered as part of my business plan. So this is an area i look forward to exploring and learning more about.

New Unifi

Some great things have been happening at Ubiquiti, and we're now seeing the results of a lot of work that has been happening behind the scenes. It's not just new products but the way the Unifi platform works has been changing and i think for the better.

UnifiOS Maturing.

Although It's still Linux, the decision to create their own “UnifiOS” seemed strange but to me as an outsider it's looked as though it's been clearing out a lot of mess and it's created a cleaner platform which now looks as though it's maturing nicely,

Unifi Controller Version 6

6.0.* has been available for a while, it had some initial teething problems mostly related to changes in functionality but is now maturing into a really nice release.

Gen 2 Cloud Key Firmware and UDM Updates

With the software maturing there has been updates for these devices, i've been running them in test but giving them time to become nice solid upgrades before deploying to my clients. But i think there ready. And with the cloud key it's great to see these still a great option for some people in the right situation.

New App

Ubiquiti is moving to make the separate Unifi controllers more Unified, so they are merging the mobile apps. It's a small thing but yay!

New Products

More…..but the first rule of beta club - you can't talk about beta club.

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