Structured Cabling

Structured or Data Cabling Is all about installing either Copper Wire or Fibre Optic Cable so that data can move from one place to another. 

You can't do everything wireless and all but the smallest networks have a need to connect devices together and it's vitally important to get that right. 

The way you connect these devices is known as structured cabling.

Many people are familiar with ethernet RJ45 cables. Data cabling goes beyond that to consider Safety and Fire Risks, Performance and interconnectivity. 

. There are many types of cable, and even cables that meet the same standard are made differently, have different uses and cost. 

  • When should you use Copper or Fibre
  • Should you get Cat5e,Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, Cat8 etc.. 
  • What type of SFP, SFP+, SFP 28 module should you use? What about DAC?
  • Patching and terminating

Why ENIAC Solutions

The same as a tidy desk helps you work, a tidy network layout and comms rack helps your network go through the inevitable changes over time as systems grow and change, maintaining tidy and clean patching, appropriate labelling and even colour coding ensures that these changes can be done efficiently and in a cost effective way.

We can help you no matter when you are in your network journey, including 

  • Planning cable routes, cable choice
  • Extending existing networks, additional drops or full installation.
  • Audit existing installs, 
  • Tidy and re-cable work
  • Simply as hands and feet