Small Office - Home Office Starter Kit

This package contains all the essential elements that you need to get your computer network up and running to professional standards. It serves as the core starting point to provide the advanced networking configurations that provide robust, secure and fast networks and by no means least; it's the starting point that can be expanded or modified as needed depending on your own personal situation. 

This package is simply intended to give you an idea of the starting point when you work with us we provide a fully customised and bespoke solution just to your needs and problems.


Security, Performance and Reliability matter and are really import for everyone but for a business they are essential and drive everything about why we chose the products we use.

Many of the issues faced today can be resolved by taking a configurable and flexible approach, that's why this package is done for your approach and needs; you're not just buying a product.

The highlights of why we use the solutions we do are;

  • True firewall,
  • Fast - Gigabit broadband no problem.
  • No license fees or recurring payments
  • Single pane of glass management
  • Fully centrally administered network
  • Completely locally run and managed
  • Fully expandable with multiple access points and mesh networking.
  • Manage Wireless Bridges for Point to Point or Multipoint links to connect over distance
  • Can carry multiple networks including guest networks full full isolation.


No one piece of hardware can be right for everyone in every situation, need to include a modem, no issue; need a fully managed solution, you're covered. 

What does the package consist of:

  • Unifi Dream Machine (UDM)
  • Custom Configured to your needs
  • Limited Installation

Typical Package only cost £499

Installation* is included based on a standard install basis only more complicated or extensive work will incur additional costs. 

* Please note : installation is only available in the Isle of Man

What's the next step?

Just contact us to arrange a chat, we will arrange a time to visit, assess your needs, make sure we propose the right solution or possible options and then make it happen.