Wi-Fi and Networking

Issues with Wi-Fi can be extremely frustrating, we are specialists at solving Wi-Fi problems.

Taking control of your WIFI and making it work for you

Is Wi-Fi causing you problems?

There are many symptoms:

Work Issues

Home Issues

But the results are the same, frustration, annoyance and it may even be costing you money either through lost productivity, frustrated staff, unhappy clients or losing access to vital information and not being able to respond in a timely manner.

The hidden dangers 

Confidential or financially sensitive information can be accessed through unsecured WiFi in your home or business.

We are here to help make your WiFi more secure and give you peace of mind.

At work and in your home

Wi-Fi can cause problems you may not have considered : 

Do you offer guest Wi-Fi?

When we offer guest Wi-Fi we are actually exposing people to your network, and potentially each other

Many devices will use Wi-Fi and allow you to connect to them i.e. Printers. but these devices tend to have weaker security and vulnerabilities - these can create back-doors to your infrastructure which are a real security risk

Who can access your Wi-Fi

It's not just people hacking your Wi-Fi, but what about.....

Think about all the people you give the password to...  what happens if relationships changes and you can no longer trust the people you once did?

The good news

We have answers to all these problems: