WiFi For The Home

Residential WIFI and Networking.

You deserve and need great WIFI

Lets face it, being able to access the internet is essential for modern life with more and more services only available online, Having access is just expected in todays society. We expect it when were at home, on holiday, in the middle of nowhere and even in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

Why you need or want the internet simply no longer matters - It needs to be their and it needs to just work…

Problems though are all to common, The range of issues you can face are massive all caused by the near infinite variations that we find ourselves living in. Even your home can work against you just by how it's constructed especially if you have thick stone walls. 

Once you've tried the common options and your still frustrated - this is where we come in. A bit like taking your car to the garage there comes a point where doing the maintenance yourself isn't an option

Sometimes you just need an expert.

There are many devices that are meant to be easy to use, install, and functional devices that you can use to make things work for you. But it can be a very grey area filled with everything from not working to making things worse or simply confusion and not knowing what to do.

As technology improves - Upgrading your equipment can be a simple and economical solution to many problems.

Take ownership of your WIFI

When you have WIFI Worries, it's important to take ownership of the situation it's your responsibility.

Your internet service provider or ISP will provide you with the means to connect to the internet and along with connectivity they can provide you with a router which is the device that gives you your Home Network.

The supplied equipment is normally enough for most people and situations - but not always, and this is when you upgrade your own equipment and make it work for you. 

You might want to upgrade your router for more than just WIFI, Internal performance, features and security are all valid reasons.

Enterprise class WIFI

I do not recommend devices such as repeaters or range extenders, while they can work it in some situations; more often than not it as at the cost of the performance, reliability and security of your network. 

Because I want to give you the best outcome, I use and recommend professional equipment at the same level your would find in many organisations .