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Bespoke Builds

From custom PC's to custom Servers, design to specification. 

From time to time, you need a computer for a specific purpose, or you want something you can upgrade over time to save money now but expand later. And lets not forget sometimes you just want something a bit different.



Server's have specific functions and many use cases, and are a great way of reducing space or power bills especially if you want to virtualise existing machines or run legacy software.

They can be used for so much more than just Email or Web servers or SQL Servers, in fact any situation where density and space is a factor.



If you want a custom build, you know why... 

ENIAC solutions is not a traditional systems integrator. There is no list list of machines you can buy. I might come up with some specifications as a recommendations or examples, but you won't See "ES150 Quad core 8GB..." 

The reason for this is fairly simple two reasons, 

  • Hardware is constantly moving, changing. a machine for last year would have had 1080's then you had 2080's.. 
  • The big question Budget .... sometimes you need to get what you can afford not what you would like.

So where do we fit in this? 

  • You know what you want, but want help putting it together, or you are pressed for time and want someone else to do it.
  • Your nervous and want to let someone else take the risk of damaging the hardware
  • You just want backup, someone to look over your shoulder and say yes or no.
  • You want something special - your going full water cooling, 

Simply were here to help you get what you want - not sell you a package.