Bespoke Builds

Gaming is in the name but remember there are other reasons for a Bespoke Build..

When it comes to certain styles of computer, If you know - you know; then a bespoke build is the way to go. This leaves you with two choices, go to a system integrator or do it yourself. 

If your thinking it's a bit strange for someone who specialises in WIFI to be offering Bespoke PC services, you would be right. 

But there is something magical about building your own PC, it's yours - you chose the components and put it together and over time upgraded it bit by bit. That's something you don't get when you buy one off the shelf and indeed some commercial systems are designed and manufactured in way that limits there life.

So unless your a big company looking for high end workstations for your employees and just want someone to make it happen, that I can also totally get behind. But helping you find the magic… that is something I can get behind. 

It's your build….

Do you want a white or black motherboard? choosing the components is a personal decision if you don't want to make that decision then in my opinion a System Integrator is totally the way to go.

But i also know you might not feel confident in choosing between components, or not sure if the RAM you like will work on that system and what is RGB anyway? That's where I come in.

Guidance and help…  

Think of it as having someone in your corner that you can talk to when you need or want to check the choices your making. You feel the fear about putting that CPU in wrong and you just want someone to watch in case you make a mistake.

Thats a lot….

Repairs and maintenance

If broke will fix… and dust.. oh boy does dust build up.