Networking and Wi-Fi

We live in an increasingly connected world, make sure you have a fast, secure and rock solid connection to the internet

The internet has become an essential part to our lives and central to the success of our businesses by providing electronic communication in many different forms which include the Web, Phone and Cloud Services. 

To make it work to best advantage you need a network that includes both wired and wireless working together. Yet mistakes can be costly and not just with continued visible problems such as dead zones, dropouts or performance issues but also invisible issues like unnecessary equipment or even exposing yourself to cyber criminals. 

That's why the right solution is so important.

Network engineering.

Network engineering is what ENIAC Solutions is all about, But that is just two words that include….

  • General Consulting
  • Design and install both wired or wireless networks
  • Equipment upgrades or replacement.
  • Diagnose and fix any problems you are experiencing.
  • Ongoing management and support.


There are many systems for both Wired and Wireless networking that despite having large overlaps, all have different capabilities and are designed to suit different situations. 

Solutions include:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Point to Point or Multipoint (Ptp/PtMP) Wireless solutions
  • Mesh Solutions
  • Public Wi-Fi Networks
  • Captive Portals

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