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Wi-Fi and networking

We all depend on Wi-Fi which depends on networking, the two go together hand in hand, and getting them both right protects your security online, and can help and support your business. 

Having a fast, secure and reliable network and that includes reliable WiFi; is a key factor, and it doesn't matter if your a small office, home user or an organisation with hundreds of employees, the needs are the same. Our job is worrying about those needs so you can get on with doing whatever it is you do.

Everyone uses the internet in much the same way, it's gets delivered to your home or premises, your given or buy a router which normally comes with WiFi built in and your happy. That's the starting point, everything works so worlds good, But is it? 

And this is where i come in. Every person connected to the internet needs to think about security, getting there router secured, making sure it's firmware is updated, but also is the whole network secure - And that means are you protected from people connecting infected devices to your network.

Our Approach

Open ears. Open eyes. Thought, Common Sense, Knowledge and Brutal Honesty. ENIAC Solutions is all about long term partnerships.

Whats your story?

Everyone's needs are different - what your trying to achieve matters, how can we tell you how best to install equipment if we don't understand what your trying to do.  

Why Us?

  • Confidence - When choosing someone to work on your network and your WiFi, you need to have confidence in them, 
  • Trust - No only that they know what there talking about, but also that person will respect your privacy and won't abuse your trust. 
  • Integrity - That If you ask us to do something that's not in your interest, We will let you know.


How your network will be managed over time is critical to it's success, with considerations to how updates will happen, how will failures be handled what happens if things go wrong. Managed Services is all about looking after your network. From a new or existing installation, this can give you piece of mind that your network is being looked after. 

New Installations

For new installations the option for management is designed in as a key component, and can reduce the costs by planning up front as different equipment will be needed, and support options change depending on the equipment installed. 

Existing Installations

Existing installations will need an audit to examine the existing network, and a proposal can be produced. It's possible that parts of your infrastructure will need replacing or upgrading and may even become redundant. This is why it's so important to think of these things up front. 

Transfer Guarantee

If for any reason you decide you want to move to a different managed service provider from us, we guarantee that we will provide all documentation and account details or controller configuration we hold.

If you would just like some consultation or advice everything starts with consulting. 

Consulting can cover just about anything, and the more we know about you and your business, the closer that relationship becomes the more we can help.

Some topics that can be covered could include

  • Initial network design, upgrades, replacement and implementation
  • Firewalls and security
  • Virtual private networks (VPN) both private and commercial
  • WiFi both private and Guest Networks
  • Point to Point (PTP) and Point to Multi Point (PTMP) Wireless links.
  • Mobile and LTE, With Redundant LTE Links
  • Voice and VOIP Communications.

Discounts are work following consultation either for installation and management or to work with other providers to ensure you needs are met.

Is something wrong, or are you interested in how your network is performing? There are things we can do to solve your issues.

  • Heatmaps - Graphically see the strength and coverage of your WiFi Signal
  • Spectrum Analysis - A WiFi Channel is free, so it can be used? not always they only way to know is to look at the actual frequency usage.
  • Cable Testing and Mapping - Tracing cable faults, identifying which cable is which and mapping the physical network


There are general things we can do, this isn't going to be an exhaustive list so get in touch 

Structured Cabling

The physical Wire... The best time to wire a building is early in construction along side the electrics, and my personal opinion is that every new build house should be cabled for network data as standard. And there are regulations on the type of network cable you can use. Why?

  • For Computers
  • For your TV and satalite
  • For Audio, and music
  • For security cameras
  • For networked controlled lighting and light switches