Pre Pay Support Time

No one likes unexpected costs, Simplify your risk and save money by buying time upfront.

When you need help or support receiving an invoice for an hourly or day rate can really affect cash flow and be a very unwelcome cost.

This package is meant to help you with planning your expenses.

What is it…

It's like a bank, but works with time. You simply pay upfront in advance and that is stored in the bank until you need it. How many hours you bank and when you bank them is totally up to you. 

When you need help, the bank pays for it. 


  • Avoid cost increases due to any rate increases
  • Plan costs and avoid unexpected bills more effectively.
  • Actually save money by taking advantage of discounts or offers.
  • Choose to use banked time or save for later.

The small print; 

  • Must be an existing customer.
  • Engineer time only. Does not include hardware, equipment or consumables.
  • Each hour is valid for only 12 months from when it's purchased after then it will expire.
  • Day rate equivalent is based on 7 hours, where only partial hours are available they are pro-rated at current rates.
  • Cancellation refunds are only available if you cancel within 30 days of purchase and they are unused.
  • If this scheme is canceled or no longer offered by ENIAC Solutions you will be refunded any unused hours.
  • Unused Purchased time is non refundable.
  • Non Transferable.
  • All rights reserved.

How do i take this up?

Simply contact us.