About Me

The Sea is always moving, even rocks change they fall and break, the rain,wind and tide’s erode them. Change is important it’s everywhere.

I’ve worked with technology for so long that the model of computer i started with is in the science museum, and that wasn’t that long ago. This isn’t the place for my life story however, but one way another I've always been involved with technology.

And Change is where ENAIC Solutions has come from. It’s a try something new, and do what i love doing. And that is finding solutions to problems. And learning technology.

So what do we do? we change your life. We create that change by providing a solution to a problem you have or never knew you had. So why not give me a challenge and see if i can change your life for the better.

UBWA - Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin
UEWA - Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin
UBRSS - Ubiquiti Broadband Routing And Switching