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  • The Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro

    The big brother to the normal “Dream Machine” is a much more serious device It's rack mountable after all… It's been around long enough to gather some ideas about where this machine would sit and in what situation…

  • Best Wi-Fi solutions for houses with thick walls

    I often think that Wi-Fi is like a living thing, it behaves strangely and sometimes unpredictably. One of the most common questions I’m asked is ‘how do I get WiFi through stone walls’?

  • Extending your Wi-Fi outdoors

    The sun is shining and you want to take your work outside but how do you ensure that your Wi-Fi connection reaches that lovely new garden office or summer house? Read on to discover how to stay connected wherever you are in the garden… 

  • Be my guest

    Offering a Guest Network to your clients is a way of guaranteeing good customer service as well as increased security for your own devices. Here’s why it’s an essential addition to your business…