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Do you want to find out more about Business Connex or the Chamber of commerce, this will get you started. 

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I used to live and work in London, which is an amazing place and i still like going there and doing things such as going to the theatre;  use to travel on South West Trains, and then on the tube daily. I worked for a multinational, and on projects for companies such as Microsoft and Compaq.

I was there earlier this year and was waiting for the tube, stood behind a queue of smartly dressed people all with headphones in, all reading or looking at their phone (more than a few Identity badges on show as well). It was noisy, crowded, smelly, and with people smoking on e-cigarettes (I don't think that's healthy). It brought back memories and as my journey used to take over an hour you have to wonder are you working to live or living to work. 

That was back when the Dot Com bubble burst, and I had the opportunity to move to the Isle of Man, I didn't know where it was, I actually flew here for an interview without looking it up on a map. I can't remember what made me move, but it was one of those pivotal moments you have in life.

The result was that my journey to work changed a little bit, I left the flat I was in, walked along the beach for 10 mins, then into town and I was at work. 

The point of this story is that by being a little adventurous you can make massive differences in your life and the quality of that life. 

That was a long time ago now, but it made a huge impact to my life that everyone can do as well, there is no secret recipe. So if moving here was something you were interested in finding out more about I would recommend you do so.  Locate.IM is a great way way to find out information.

Business Connex

Back to the point... Business Connex is what you need if you're feeling inspired, or have thoughts of relocating, this service is designed to help you out, and solve any problems or answer any questions you have, and find the contacts you need to make your relocation a breeze. They work with everyone on the island and I think it's fantastic. 

Moving here was the best thing I ever did, which is why I want to support it.

If you want to find out more, 

They have a brochure have a read, and contact Jessica, shes lovely and really friendly. 

If you want to find out about the Chamber of Commerce

If you want to find them on Facebook.. 

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